EKATER SA delivered the “Euromedica Lydia Kavala SA” Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre of Euromedica Group, in Amygdaleones, Kavala, all ready for use.

The centre has a capacity of 80 beds and extends over a total area of 6,350m2. The building comprises 4 levels and terrace premises. The 1st level houses the rehabilitation centre athletic facilities, an  in-patient swimming pool, in-patient hospital care workshops, storage facilities, kitchen premises, central linen storage premises, staff changing rooms and electrical engineering installations.

The 2nd level houses the basic outpatient treatment premises, as well as the dining hall and coffee shop facilities. Finally, the 3rd and 4th levels contain two in-patient wards with a capacity of 80 beds, a vertical service hub including visitor and patient lifts, food and contaminated material lifts, staircases, visitors’ waiting facilities, as well as similar common facilities per two units.