The EUROMEDICA – AROGI Physical Rehabilitation Center was built on a privately owned 20,000 square meter plot of land located in the “Elaiones” area, outside the urban plan of the Municipality of Pylaia Thessaloniki, in contact with the Ring Road of Thessaloniki. It offers both day (outpatient) and inpatient care with a total capacity of 200 beds, occupying a total area of 16,000 square meters, making it the largest Rehabilitation and Recovery Center in the Balkans. EKATER delivered the project within 19 months, ready to operate as an exemplary healthcare facility.

The building consists of five (5) main levels: Basement B and A, Ground floor, and A and B floors, along with the Roof where the HVAC equipment is located.

The external envelope of the building is of mixed construction, consisting of curtain walls, surfaces covered with ETALBOND aluminum sheets, and surfaces with orthomarbles arranged and sized according to the elevation drawings. Additionally, aluminum louvers of trapezoidal shape were used for shading purposes.

Within the center, three closed hydrotherapy swimming pools were constructed, one (large) measuring 25.00 x 8.00 meters and two (smaller) measuring 4.00 x 6.00 meters each. The construction of the E/M facilities fully complies with DIN 19643 (internationally accepted standard for swimming pools of this type, characterized as “therapeutic baths”).