EKATER undertook the construction of an industrial building for the production of cosmetic products, which spans 3 levels with a total area of 10,200 square meters. The basement was configured for storage and electrical facilities, while the ground floor houses the production line, reception area, and employee dining space. The upper floor contains office spaces.

Specifically, the project included:

  • Construction of a storage facility for flammable materials with an area of 50 square meters.
  • Construction of a biological treatment facility with an area of 194 square meters.
  • Demolition of two open platforms and the metal roofing covering them on the existing building, and the construction of two new loading platforms, one enclosed and one open with a metal canopy.
  • Construction of an underground fire extinguishing tank.
  • Complete landscaping of the surrounding area.
  • Construction of fencing along the property boundaries.

The main structure of the new unit was constructed using reinforced concrete, while the rest of the building (ground floor and upper floor) was constructed using metal framing. The floors of the production, packaging, electrical, and storage areas were made of high-strength industrial flooring to meet specific requirements. Tiles were used for flooring in other areas. The building’s exterior was clad with panels made of rock wool, and the interior of the production areas was lined with panels made of rock wool with hygiene properties. The building’s facade featured large glass windows combined with concrete panels. The roofing of the production building was made of rock wool panels, and a roof with proper insulation was constructed above the office floor. All internal partitions in the production area were constructed using self-supporting panels with a thickness of 10 cm, while drywall and aluminum windows were used for dividing office and personnel areas. Elevator pits in the production area were constructed using reinforced concrete walls (except for the elevator pit in the office area, which was built with a metal frame above the ground level). A pedestrian walkway was constructed on both sides of the building, to be paved with 40×40 cm tiles. Two loading platforms were built, one open and one enclosed with a metal canopy. Walls were constructed to shape the final indoor ramps in relation to the final areas of the surrounding space. An underground fire extinguishing tank and water supply system were also constructed, both made of reinforced concrete and properly insulated.

The construction of the storage facility includes:

  • A reinforced concrete base (floor slab) with an industrial floor.
  • A metal roof canopy with polyurethane panel covering.
  • Perimeter fencing with wire mesh.
  • The biological treatment facility includes:
  • An underground biological treatment tank.
  • Housing for electrical and mechanical facilities.

The building is heated and cooled using a combination of heat pumps and VRV systems, utilizing both electricity and natural gas. Air conditioning units were installed on suitable metal structures within the building (attics) and in the uncovered and surrounding areas. There is also a certified and licensed steam boiler installation.