This project was undertaken by EKATER after an international closed competition for design and construction announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Public Works and Spatial Planning Service of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The main and dual objective of the designers was to create a building characterized by morphological and constructional timelessness. The view towards the entire seafront of the Gulf of Thessaloniki dictated the design of a building “open” to the sea and the view, using extensive transparent glass surfaces and glass railings on the balconies. The architectural proposal chosen leads to a strict morphological differentiation of the consulate zone and its “support” system in the building’s structural framework.

On the contrary, in the residential sections of the building, which occupy the largest area, a lighter presence is attempted with extensive use of glass and glass-metal structures on the balconies.

The building we constructed still stands as a landmark in the city of Thessaloniki, consisting of a total of 12 levels, including three basements, a ground floor with two independent entrances, seven levels with residential use (housing 22 ultra-luxurious apartments), and finally, the 8th floor, which houses the General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany.