A luxurious hotel complex comprising 42 villas, each with a private pool, and a central building, with a total area of 55,000 square meters. EKATER undertook the construction of the entire complex, which was delivered in 18 months.

The complex is composed of a central building, where common facilities are located, and a series of single-story and two-story buildings (villas) with bedrooms. The buildings are positioned on the plot in such a way that they all have a sea view, and space is created for the private pools. Due to the slope of the terrain, most rooftops are a continuation of the natural ground and are covered with soil and planting (green roofs), minimizing the visual impact on the natural environment. This approach allows the tourist complex to blend seamlessly with the surroundings while ensuring bioclimatic benefits. The materials used include colored plaster, combined with cladding of alternate walls and facades with stonework. Natural, environmentally friendly materials such as plaster and stone were used.

Common facilities are located in a central building at the highest point of the plot, ensuring they do not obstruct the view from the rooms. Simultaneously, it offers panoramic sea views. The central building is two stories tall, with a total area of 2,200 square meters, some of which is covered by a pitched roof that follows the local architectural style. The rectangular shape of the building, measuring 25 x 11 meters, creates an impressive, open, undivided interior space with visible wooden roof construction.

On the first level of the central building, there are the gym, spa area, indoor pool with relaxation areas, and a Jacuzzi, all with a sea view. Additionally, the main outdoor pool, measuring 200 square meters, is located on this level. Adjacent to the building, there is a children’s playground with a small pool. On the second level of the central building, you’ll find the hotel’s entrance, reception, dining areas, and a lounge with a bar. A large portion of the floor towards the rear, which is underground, houses the restaurant’s auxiliary spaces, minimizing the visible portion. The openings of the common areas draw inspiration from lightweight wooden traditional constructions (saqnis – chayati) and provide unobstructed views while creating a light wooden shell externally, adding rhythm and volume.

In the surrounding area of the complex, we constructed the following facilities:

  • An independent tavern with a total area of 80 m², featuring a wooden roof covered with copper and underground auxiliary spaces behind it.
  • Cobblestone pavements for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Plantings and gardening.
  • A children’s playground.
  • Tennis and football (5×5) courts.
  • A helipad.