We undertake the construction of buildings in various sectors, including healthcare, tourism, industry, education, and more.

Our diverse team of engineers, encompassing all specialties, with their experience and training, can handle complex and intricate projects.

The construction team maintains constant communication with the cost estimation-procurement team and the quality management team to ensure timely selection of reliable materials and suppliers. We place great emphasis on quality, safety, and risk management to meet our clients’ requirements.

We have the capability to deliver turnkey projects by taking care of the design, permitting, and project management until its final delivery.


We develop high-quality properties for residential or commercial purposes.

We have the experience and necessary expertise in the technical, economic, and commercial sectors to identify investment opportunities, prepare appropriate studies, secure the necessary permits and financing, and ultimately implement and promote the project in the market.

It is noteworthy that over the course of 40 years, our company has developed more than 50 buildings for residential and commercial use, many of which are located in prestigious locations such as the Thessaloniki waterfront. In total, we have constructed and sold over 1,000 apartments and 300 houses in suburban and resort areas.

If you have properties that you are interested in selling or exchanging, you can contact us to propose solutions for their utilization.


Our aim is to complete the project with the utmost speed, safety, and cost-efficiency.